Friday, 19 October 2007

Sahid Perdana Towers

Sahid City


PT. Sahid Inti Dinamika
Principal Architect
M. Ridwan Kamil
Project Architect/Designer
A.D. Tardiyana
Site Area
5,600 square metres
Gross Floor Area
152,444 square metres
Building Height (metres)
Building Height (storeys)
Office: 45;
Hotel: 50
Expected Construction Completion Date

Contributing to Jakarta’s efforts to meet the demands for high-end office space, the Sahid Perdana Towers, located in the Sahid City Superblock in the heart of the city’s central business district, consist of two main towers: a 50-storey five-star hotel and a 45-storey office building. At ground level the twin towers flank a graceful globe-like exhibition hall and performing arts centre; the same shape is mirrored by the ‘spa in the sky’ that connects the two towers higher up.

The client sought a building that illustrated both modern design and Javanese culture, an aim the architects achieved through the towers’ shape and envelope. The Sahid Perdana Towers’ sleek elliptical shape has a distinctly modern aesthetic while also reflecting a Javanese symbol, the twin lotus. The towers are rotated in such a way to preserve views from both buildings.

The towers’ curtain wall also meets both objectives. The bottom half of the buildings—from the podium to the 30th floor—has a modern, futuristic wall made of coloured glass and aluminium cladding to express strong horizontal lines; from the 31st floor to the top of the tower, the curtain wall is made of a clear glass that is textured through an internal aluminium screen moulded into a Javanese batik pattern.

The Sahid Perdana Towers will be connected at multiple levels to the other buildings within the superblock, such as the existing Sahid Jaya Hotel, Istana Sahid Apartment, Sahid Sudirman Residence, Sahid Office Boutique and Sahid Sahirman Memorial Hospital. The project’s ground floor houses cafes, restaurants and fashion boutiques.

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