Friday, 3 July 2009

Open to Nature

A development nestled in the greenery promotes living and working amidst nature.

by Lee Bee Luen

LABO. the mori
Bandung, Indonesia
Expected Completion
Site Area
1,070 m2
Gross Floor Area
300 m2
Number of Rooms
1 office unit, 6 apartment units, amphitheatre
Building Height
12 metres (maximum)
Daniel A.M
Architecture Firm
LABO. Architecture+Design
Principal Architect
Nelly L. Daniel
Main Contractor
Mechanical & Electrical Engineer
Civil & Structural Engineer
Hamal O. Pangestu

The first thing that strikes you about the building is how airy and ‘light’ it is. Transparent glass ‘walls’ offer views to the surrounding greenery from the inside. Located in northern Bandung, LABO. the mori sits on a contoured land with a 16-metre gradient which faces a forest conservation valley. With the concept of living and working amidst nature, the mixed-use facility consists of six apartment units, an office and amphitheatre. Although it is a private development, it offers semi-public spaces for clients, students, creative workers, etc.

The idea was to avoid affecting the existing shape and vegetation of the site, especially the mahogany trees which are quite rare. As such, the different sections of the building were ‘spread out’ to follow the site contour, keeping both the outline of the land and trees intact.

The structure is built along a north-south axis, letting in all the light and air, minus the glare and heat. The green walls and roof gardens are not only visually appealing, but also help to lower ambient temperatures and improve the air quality. A large green area on the ground floor helps to prevent rainwater runoff. A reservoir collects rainwater for household needs as well as for watering the plants during dry spells. Natural materials such as wood, bamboo, bricks and other stones are used together with other materials such as glass and steel.

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