Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Jakarta’s Transportation Future

Now that the Jakarta bus rapid transit (BRT) system is deemed a success, the government looks to other transportation systems to create a comprehensive city network that takes the pressure off the city’s overloaded roadways.

Construction on the Monorail project is to start in 2007. The system will comprise two lines, designated by colour, that aim to alleviate congestion in Jakarta’s business district. The Blue line will run for 13.5 kilometres and have 15 stations; the Green Line will circle the district for 14.3 kilometres with 16 stations.

Construction is slated to start in 2010, running along the north-south corridor of the city. The subway train will run for 19 kilometres and will have the capacity to carry 45,000 passengers per hour, each direction.

Waterways Transport
Jakarta has over 13 rivers that are wide enough to be used for waterway transport. This transport development is hoped to stimulate the city’s waterfront spaces and attract tourism, while preserving Jakarta’s rivers and canals. There are currently plans for six main waterway lanes, providing 61 kilometres of transport.

Hub Station
Dukuh Atas in South Jakarta will become the city’s main integrated transportation hub, interfacing with the LRT (the existing commuter train), MRT, Monorail, Waterways and Busway.

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